Guide for Selection of Brand Name for Business

The name of the brand should be selected carefully. While selecting the brand name for business, the following features of brand name should be taken into consideration.
Guide for brand name selection

  1. The brand name should be short, simple, easy to read, easy to spell, remember and pronounce in all languages. This is particularly important for export items because they are sold in some countries. A short name will also enable it to be printed prominently on the package or label and spread by word of mouth. Rin, Surf, Kodak, etc. are some brands which have met this criterion.
  2. Brand name should be pronounceable in only one manner.
  3. The brand name should not go out of data. The name should not be related to development in any particular year or period, with which the consumers at a later date may not be able to relate.
  4. It should not be offensive, or negative or disagreeable sounding.
  5. It should provide selling suggestions and product benefits. Some examples of such brand names are Kwality, Fair & Lovely, Kissan, Thirty Plus, Angel Face and Maharani Sandal Soap.
  6. It should not be generic such as soap, automobile, etc., Cola is a generic name and brand names are added to it such as Coco Cola, Pepsi Cola, etc.
  7. It should be free by the company without any legal restrictions.
  8. The feature of ‘uniqueness’ should be reflected. ‘Apple’ Computers is cited as a good example in this regard.
  9. The shocking name is supposed to make an impact. ‘Poison’ perfume, perhaps, is an example of the brand name of this type.
  10. It should be rhyming, if possible. This is said to make the brand name easy to remember.
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