Pricing decision

Factors Affecting Pricing Decision in International Market

The three primary factors that determine pricing decision in international marketing are: Cost of the product or service. Competition for the product or service in the foreign market. Demand for the product in the overseas market. Also, some other specific factors mentioned below, are to be considered in pricing for product and services in international marketing. Read more about Factors Affecting Pricing Decision in International Market[…]

Bing Ads Accredential professional certificate

Now we are Bing Ads Accreditation Certified Company

On 19th June 2017, our team member ‘Vinodh Reddy Chennu’ has become Bing Ads Accredited Professional member. You can see his Accredited Status over here. Having Bing Ads accredited member status gives us the right to use and showcase our Accredited Professional badge. Having Bing Ads Training and Accreditation helps to showcase having Bing Ads Read more about Now we are Bing Ads Accreditation Certified Company[…]

branding advantages and objectives

Branding: Objectives and Advantages

Its name can recognize the product. Once the name has been recognized, it may run smoothly among the people. The firm wants to create awareness and recognition through the branding strategies. The question arises what is a ‘brand’? A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of them, intended to Read more about Branding: Objectives and Advantages[…]

Gimliii WordPress theme free download

Gimliii WordPress Theme Free Download

Gimliii WordPress Theme is developed by Mu BIT  Team member, bravokeyl, who has been dabbling with WordPress themes and plugins since WP 3.2 Gimliii WP theme is very simple green theme comes with a white background, you can customize the background of your choice. Theme supports the custom header. This theme comes with two widgets, three Read more about Gimliii WordPress Theme Free Download[…]

Guide for brand name selection

Guide for Selection of Brand Name for Business

The name of the brand should be selected carefully. While selecting the brand name for business, the following features of brand name should be taken into consideration. The brand name should be short, simple, easy to read, easy to spell, remember and pronounce in all languages. This is particularly important for export items because they are sold Read more about Guide for Selection of Brand Name for Business[…]

Marketing and Selling

Difference Between Selling and Marketing

Many people often use the words ‘marketing’ and ‘selling’ as synonyms. In fact, these two terms have different meanings in marketing management. As understanding of the differences between selling and marketing is necessary for marketing professional to be a successful marketing manager. Selling is an action which converts the product into cash, but marketing is the process Read more about Difference Between Selling and Marketing[…]